Working on an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

These are things you need to think about…

Year after year car manufacturers come up with more innovative technologies for their passenger cars. Electrification is not a brand-new element among these technologies; however, it is one of those which is becoming more and more popular. The growing EV trend and fast-paced developments are not expected to slow down any time soon. As a result, bodyshops are now forced to adapt to these new trends and tech.

Use the Axalta Fast Cure Low Energy Technology- specially designed for low temperature curing

Our most advanced product portfolio is ready to face these challenges with lower temperature curing and new tool kits have been developed to ensure to work safe in the bodyshop. In addition a poster with detailed information how to work on e-cars is available for download.

How do bodyshops manage the repair process for electrical cars? What are their biggest challenges and how do they handle them?

Tony Mitchell visited an EV approved bodyshop in the U.K. to learn more.

All the EV tools you need

Electric cars impose other requirements to painters and technicians. When working on hybrid and e-vehicles there may be quite different risks than when working on petrol or diesel engine cars. We have selected 4 kits with  specific protective equipments which protect your employees from the potential risks. For these specialist tools, please download the brochure to get more information and contact your local sales representative to find out more.  

EV repair overview poster

Before you start, before spraying and on completion – no matter which part of the EV process you are working on, we have some useful tips for you.

Cromax Poster

Standox Poster

Spies Hecker Poster