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Alesta® AP

AntiGraffiti Outdoor

Alesta® AntiGraffiti Outdoor is an anti-graffiti powder coating to protect surfaces from the permanent effects of spray paint and markers. Its good weather and chemical resistance makes it the ideal protective coating for finishes exposed to graffiti.
It has outstanding exterior durability due to excellent chemical resistance, very good UV weathering and outstanding film hardness.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications where graffiti can cause damages: construction, traffic signs, urban furniture, bus stations, parking meters, railway stations, bridges, machinery,...


  • One layer protection
  • Very good resistance to UV
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Wide curing window and standard curing conditions
  • Compatible with other powder coatings without any specific cleaning of the coating lines
  • Antigraffiti properties in one single layer
  • Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB Florida 1 (Standard) certified
  • Approval by the Gütegemeinschaft Antigraffiti (Dr. Kupfer)
  • Any colour can be formulated in high gloss quality, including metallic finishes