The sample panel service

The colour of façades, structural elements, windows and doors and other details in architecture and façade engineering, helps to highlight the respective object, create an identity, or integrate it with the surrounding area. Axalta Coating Systems supports you as architect, designer and façade engineer with an extensive range of powder coatings to suit all applications. The COLOUR it, application enables the virtual coating of surfaces and objects - in different colour shades with various gloss levels, structures and effects.

This online application is available free of charge. Use "COLOUR it" everywhere, whether on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The range of objects to be coated and the colour palette available are constantly being expanded.

All the colour shades, gloss levels and textures displayed can be virtually applied to surfaces via "COLOUR it". To give a complete picture, for instance, the objects can be rotated, viewed from all sides and enlarged. The realistic visual presentation of the coated surfaces gives a clear image of how the selected effect and colour shade would appear.

To evaluate how your selected favourites will look in reality, the COLOUR it app contains a colour sample service that allows the selected colour shades to be simply ordered free of charge and quickly delivered to you as 7.5 x 15 cm sample panels.

Colour in architecture

Colour is not just colour in architecture - it gives identity, emphasises importance, represents quality and value preservation. Our powder coating systems meet all these creative and functional demands exceptionally well at the highest level. The importance of colour and texture is reflected by designers all over the world. The video interviews with architects and designers shown here demonstrate the individual understanding of colour in a remarkable way. Enjoy watching it!

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