The Anodic Collection

The Anodic Collection offers the effect of standard anodised finishes in a range of colours closely simulating the more popular anodic shades. This range has all the benefits associated with powder coatings, and is available in our Alesta® AP quality. The remarkable collection enables fast and cost effective delivery in the anodic effect colour of your choice and is approved by both GSB and Qualicoat.



  • Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB Florida 1 (standard) 
  • Low gloss of 20GU +/-5
  • Excellentflow
  • Smooth and subtle metallic effect
  • Can be cured from 170°C
  • Choice of substrate in aluminium and steel 
  • Hides surface defects
  • Uniform colour consistency, batch-to-batch 
  • Excellent durability and colour stability
  • Easy application
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available from stock