For decades, Imron® polyurethane enamel has been the finish of choice for leading heavy-duty truck, bus and rail manufacturers. Imron solutions boast the highest durability levels, outstanding graffiti performance on topcoats and clears, reliable corrosion protection and excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, as well as shock and impact. These qualities make Imron one of the most widely approved coatings among commercial vehicle manufacturers across the globe. It is no wonder then that Imron paint is widely approved by OEMs, other commercial users and almost all European railway institutes.

To make application easy, we’ve built in the broadest possible application window, short drying times to quickly free-up paint booths, and pushed back sagging and popping limits. Imron paints can be applied with all customary application processes, robotic as well as manual application. All that translates into a very consistent, easy-to-use and productive paint system.

Thanks to an advanced tints and binder system, Imron topcoats can be produced quickly and effectively in a wide variety of colors. While perfectly coordinated components minimize mistakes, the modular system also means less capital is tied up in inventory. Larger paint quantities are available in ready-mixed color batches tailored to individual customer specifications. All Imron products are available in a solvent- or waterborne product range and maintain their superior appearance even after years of exposure to environmental, chemical and mechanical stresses.

Imron Waterborne

We offer a full range of Imron waterborne products for the Mobility sector.

Imron HydroTopCoat

Used widely by many HDT and rail customers Imron HydroTopCoat is a 1K or 2K water-based polyurethane topcoat system, offering easy application with very low paint consumption. These benefits are due in part to its exceptionally fast hardness development, outstanding rheology control and universal application parameters. With the lowest possible VOC content, Imron HydroTopCoat is more environmentally-responsible while still providing good colour and gloss stability. Other benefits include excellent mechanical, chemical and weathering resistance, as well as easy multi-toning and spot repairs. Combined with impressive colour availability, all these characteristics ensure its good looks last longer. Imron HydroTopCoat is also suitable for bell application.

Imron HydroTopCoat 7100 is a 2K water-based topcoat system that meets the specifications of OEM HDT builders. Specially adjusted for robotic bell application, it contributes to higher process efficiency and reduction of the environmental footprint. The metric mix machine concept enables us to develop a colour within a very short timeframe, which helps manufacturers to deliver trucks faster to the end customer.

HDT manufacturers often have different types of installations. To meet all common process requirements, we have developed Imron HydroTopCoat 7500, the 1K high bake version that has the same benefits as Imron HydroTopCoat 7100.

Our Imron HydroTopCoat 7200 is a 2K water-based topcoat system designed to satisfy the most demanding finishing requirements of rail and bus manufacturers. It is optimized for manual application. Available in any degree of gloss, it can be used on exteriors and interiors. It enables the easy removal of brake-dust and graffiti, while being able to withstand graffiti removal agents itself. Imron HydroTopCoat 7200 has undergone extensive third-party fire and smoke tests and has been approved for use by rail operators.

Imron HydroBaseCoat 8000

Our new 2K polyurethane Imron HydroBaseCoat 8000 series combines the lowest possible VOC content with excellent product performance. Used mainly by HDT, rail and specialised OEM customers, it offers easy application, outstanding rheology control, no flash off times between coats, short drying times and excellent adhesion. It also achieves good coverage for most colours in 1.5 coats, meaning less paint is consumed in application and productivity is increased. It is available in low or high viscosity, depending on application, and in a large range of colours, including aluminiums and pearls. Special effect colours require sometimes more coats to achieve the right colour. The use of an activator in Imron HydroBaseCoat 8000 makes this application easy, while keeping all mechanical properties.

When it comes to application, the new paint leaves no wishes unfulfilled. The Imron HydroBaseCoat 8100 was specially developed for bell application, customary in the manufacture of heavy-duty trucks. Imron HydroBaseCoat 8200 is available in a version for hand application, a frequently-used technique in the bus and rail segments. Also multi-toning, which is a common process in the bus industry, is made easier with the activated basecoat.

Imron HydroBaseCoat can be delivered as a FacPac and will remain stable for up to six months, or it can be mixed locally. It offers excellent adhesion, colour and circulation stability and is easy to use for multi-toning and spot repair jobs. The layer of basecoat can be combined both with our waterbased and solventbased clearcoats.

Imron HydroClearCoat

A water-based 2K polyurethane clear, Imron HydroClearCoat HC300, stands out for its outstanding weathering resistance, easy application, excellent appearance and gloss, which it retains without yellowing. A favourite of the rail industry, Imron HydroClearCoat HC300 is resistant to graffiti, offers reliable mechanical and chemical resistance and its low paint consumption makes it highly productive. As it complies with universal application parameters and provides exceptionally fast hardness development, it is equally popular with OEM and refurbishers, who also value its ease of use for spot repairs. After extensive third-party fire and smoke tests, Imron HydroClearCoat HC300 has been approved for use and homologated by several rail operators and OEMs.

The Imron waterborne coatings system is rounded off by a set of waterborne primers and fillers to provide a complete system build-up.

Imron Solventborne

Solventborne Imron polyurethane enamels have been the product of choice for HDT and bus manufacturers for many years. Due to the very wide application window and broad suitability for both bell and conventional application, these paints can be adjusted to the individual needs of our customers and be used to paint the entire body build-up. The 2K topcoat systems are ideally suited for easy application on large surfaces, as they ensure perfect flow and overspray melt-in. They are fast to set up and dry and have excellent mechanical, chemical and weather resistance.

Key product systems include:

  • The Imron® 700 range medium solids topcoats
  • The Imron® 9000 range high solids topcoats
  • Etch primers and epoxy primers
  • Non-sanding and sanding fillers