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The Imron® brand experience for industrial markets. For nearly 50 years, Imron has built a reputation on premium quality products formulated for toughness, durability, and environmental responsibility. Representing the next generation of urethane technology, these products combine exceptional quality, high performance, and brilliant high gloss color to deliver a coating recognized for superior value and proven results.


Imron® Industrial

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Imron® Industrial

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Imron® Industrial wood coatings

Representing the next generation of urethane technology, Imron™ Industrial offers a complete coating system for the most demanding specifications. These innovative products combine exceptional quality and performance. A brand recognized for nearly 50 years for its superior value and proven results. Polyurethane coatings are ideal for any application where surfaces are subject to higher levels of wear-and-tear and where excellent chemical/physical resistance is required. Imron™ Industrial offers a wide range of polyurethane and acrylic coatings in many sheens, clear and pigmented.

Imron® Therm

Thermal Insulation Coating

Batteries are safety-critical, and Axalta provides a highly filled, low-carbon coating that insulates substrates from direct flame heat without requiring an expanded char layer. Its low thermal conductivity makes it suitable for thermal insulation between battery cells, side plates, or battery trays.