Around the world, automotive and light truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) rely on Axalta to deliver performance and exceptional color palettes. From superior corrosion protection of our electrocoats to lush basecoat colors and protective clear coats, our goal is to create a beautiful finish that will endure under the toughest weather and road conditions. Leading color technology and design expertise is used to create colors that enable OEMs to provide car buyers with vibrant and beautiful choices year after year.

Backing our commitment to innovation, technology and color, we work hand in hand on-site at light vehicle manufacturing facilities to support our coatings systems at every step in the design and manufacturing process. Our Harmonized Coating Technologies™ put it all together with cutting edge application technologies that provide efficiencies in manufacture and, along the way, support sustainability goals with energy and time-saving measures.

Axalta formulations also meet the growing demand for lighter weight vehicles that help save on fuel and reduce vehicle CO2 emissions on the road. Lightweight materials in cars include plastics, composites and carbon fiber, among others. Special formulations ensure coatings can adhere to these novel substrates and cure at lower temperatures to protect non-metal materials, while continuing to provide superior scratch resistance and flexibility. Coatings also are formulated to achieve color harmony and ensure consistent color effects on all surfaces no matter what the underlying material is. 

AquaEC™ Electrocoat Products

We offer a portfolio of qualified anodic and cathodic electrocoat products formulated to meet unique customer needs with a complete range of the latest generation technologies and a team of technical experts to provide service and support.


Axalta’s premium line of primers offers optimized film smoothness and excellent adhesion properties developed for the requirements of light vehicle original equipment manufacturers and suppliers of vehicle parts and components.


HyperDyne™ pre-coats provide the foundation for great appearance and durability. The pre-coat technology is intended to aid wet-on-wet layering and requires only a single curing step that is designed to reduce energy costs and increase line productivity.


For decades, Axalta has developed thousands of ChromaDyne™ and Centari® base coat products and effects formulated for light vehicle original equipment to connect car buyers with color.


The Lumeera line of clear coats from Axalta offers the ultimate in finish protection, gloss, and appearance for manufacturers of light vehicles and suppliers of vehicle parts and components.


Imron polyurethane enamel is the finish of choice for leading heavy-duty truck, bus, and rail manufacturers.



The PercoTop family of products has products ranging from fillers and primers to basecoats and topcoats that are designed to meet many performance and transportation coating applications from trailers to machinery to doors and window frames.


PercoHyd is a versatile and environmentally responsible waterborne paint system that offers not only excellent durability, but also excellent productivity in use.


Powder Coatings

Axalta maintains one of the most extensive portfolios of powder technologies, offering high quality thermosetting and thermoplastic products.