ChromaDyne™ and Centari®

We understand that color affects emotion and can often be a significant factor in choosing a vehicle. For decades, Axalta has developed thousands of basecoat products and effects to connect car buyers with color. Whether using Axalta’s highly chromatic Vermeera paints or other special effect coatings, our basecoats provide unparalleled durability, color, and beauty.

Centari® solventborne basecoats offer easy application and accurate colour matching for the bus and HDT vehicle segment. Both the Centari® 600 and Centari® 6000 can be used in clear-over-base systems on solid, metallic and pearlescent applications.

Centari® 600 is a fast air-drying acrylic copolymer basecoat that achieves good coverage at low film thickness. As it has perfect aluminium flake control, metallic applications are very smooth. Other benefits include a wide application window, outstanding mottling control and flexibility in use, as it is perfectly suited to multi-toning and spot repairs.

A medium solids, low emission basecoat, Centari 6000 is based on an acrylic copolymer. It dries fast and offers excellent hiding and coverage, saving time and boosting productivity. It is very versatile and can be used for spot, panel and overall repairs. Thanks also to its superior mottling control, the end result is an excellent appearance.

Medium solids and high solids clear coats complete the Centari system offering.

For nearly a century, Axalta has honed the technology of developing primers, colorful basecoats, and protective clearcoats that have styled generations of vehicles.