Agriculture, Construction and Earth moving Equipment

You want excellent colour matching, a high first-run-OK rate, easy application, a perfect final appearance and superior control of the coating process at the lowest possible consumption rate? With the Axalta AquaEC acrylic range of lead-free electrocoats, you’ll get it.

We also offer a range of spray and dip coatings from primers to topcoats, as well as 1K and 2K systems. These can deliver customised colours and superior UV resistance for the large variety of substrates used in the manufacture of agricultural and construction equipment. With many years of experience in the industry, our coatings all offer the superior corrosion, chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as the excellent colour and gloss retention these machines need.

From multiple coat systems to direct-to-metal single topcoats, we can match unique colour requests and provide you with all the support you need in protection, aesthetics and productivity.

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