We take our work seriously—and we take it personally. We know that our people drive our performance. The people of Axalta are as diverse as the customers we serve. 

Our extended leadership team includes citizens of 20 countries. Scientists and technologists across the globe create and continually improve the coatings and application technologies that are the backbone of our business. Our commitment to quality is fulfilled every day by the thousands of people who manufacture our coatings around the world. Dedication drives us to constantly advance by developing, producing and delivering coating systems geared to the needs of our customers and the demands of their industries. 

Our values are a commitment we make to ourselves and to all of our stakeholders The languages and cultures in which we do business differ but the values we share as a global company remain the same.

We put our customers first.

The success of our business depends on our ability to serve them. It is our obligation to listen to what our customers say and to provide the products and services that will deliver not only what they ask for but whatever we can offer in addition that will be of assistance to them.

We take ownership in everything we do.

Taking ownership means being proud of the products and services we offer, and listening to and learning from others.

We are driven to perform better each day.

The marketplace is always moving and to stand still results in being left behind. To keep pace with change, we must develop new, improved products and continually offer our customers ideas that will reward them for allowing us to serve them.

We innovate with purpose.

From the laboratory bench to product development and testing, we create coating systems that will serve our customers better every day. Beyond the lab, we strive to develop new services and ways to provide support that will help our customers thrive.

We succeed as one united global team.

The strength of our company lies in our people. If we work together, there’s no problem that we cannot solve. Our ability to succeed depends on each of us helping each other, sharing solutions and new ideas across the corridor or across the ocean. Our customers everywhere will reap the benefits. Our colleagues will deserve the pride they feel.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics 

Axalta’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics strives to ensure employees meet legal and regulatory obligations as well as adhere to company policies and practices. Our Code covers a number of topics including conflicts of interest, community citizenship, data protection and privacy, non-discrimination and non-harassment.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Axalta is committed to doing business ethically and responsibly and expects the same of its suppliers.  In support of this commitment, Axalta’s Supplier Code of Conduct conveys our expectations of our suppliers with regard to their compliance with laws, business practices and the environment.  For more information visit  Axalta’s Supplier Code of  Conduct