Duxone consists of a dependable, all-round paint system specifically developed for bodyshops seeking value for money. 

Duxone’s efficient and easy-to-use system delivers good quality at competitive prices.



04 Jun , 2018

Improve topcoat coverage with Duxone’s Coverage Booster

Duxone has launched a new system to help refinishers achieve good coverage in fewer coats. Coverage Booster uses three surfacers that can be used separately or mixed together to produce the optimal undercoat tone for the subsequent basecoat or 2K topcoat colours.

01 Jun , 2018

New labels help get you identify products more easily

To mark its 20th anniversary, Duxone tins have a fresh, updated look. The new labels make product identification and use easier thanks to colour-coded bands that are grouped by product family. Basecoats, for instance, are all identified by a red colour band while ancillary products such as degreasers and thinners all sport a lilac band. The tins of course retain the familiar Duxone logo and blue background. Product recognition will now be very easy particularly when looking for a specific product on the shelf.

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