Every colour is the result of an exact combination of multiple tints. So to find the formula that accurately reproduces an existing coat, you need the proper tools.

As part of Axalta Coating Systems, we are able to provide professional and cost-effective colour tools. Together, the Duxone colour instruments unlock some 71,000 basecoat formulas and 34,000 2K formulas for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Save valuable time and refinishing materials, by retrieving the right formula with Duxone colour tools.


Acquire Color Compact

Small size. Big performance.

Bodyshops who want to remain competitive need access to a device that does the hard work of colour-matching any vehicle’s basecoat or 2K topcoat for them. Duxone has just that: the Axalta Acquire Colour Compact.

The Acquire Colour Compact is a portable, easy-to-use digital spectrophotometer that comes with a straightforward built-in instruction manual, calibration set and charging station. Enjoy seamless connection to Axalta Colour Cloud. Combined with Duxone’s traditional range of colour tools, the Acquire Colour Compact helps to ensure that bodyshops using Duxone can provide consistently good and durable refinish results.


  • Measures exactly what’s on the vehicle
  • Most accurate colour tool available
  • Compact unit with internal light source and protective cover
  • Works with all paint qualities from Duxone
  • User-friendly design and software

Colour Room

Colour Room is the powerful cloud-based colour retrieval software from Duxone. Its advanced functions and compatibility with the Colour Detector spectrophotometer makes it a valuable resource for your bodyshop.  Once online, updates are immediate so you will have access to the latest formula and products at all times.  Manual updates using a DVD are no longer required. With its user-friendly interface it is fully accessible from any device, including tablets and smartphones.  


Variant Box

The Duxone Variant Box is a comprehensive and accurate colour reference tool. It holds colour chips for European and Asian passenger car colours, with at least one variant per shade. Divided over 72 booklets, each leaf is sprayed with a single shade. Using the barcode or numeric code on the chip, you can instantly retrieve the corresponding formula.

Bumper and underhood swatches

To enable you to achieve the best possible result for every aspect of a car, Duxone also has a collection of 1,600 colour chips with tints used for bumpers and non-body car parts. When you have identified the matching colour, you can quickly retrieve the formula with the information on the chip.


The Duxone OEM Box adds value to bodyshops that require a visual representation of colours.The tool contains more than 4900 stripe-coated OEM standard colours, assembled into swatches and is updated once per year. Car makes are consolidated according to their group affiliation.