Corroless EPF

Corroless EPF has been a key product in the Corroless range for many decades and has a range of outstanding properties. It has an excellent track record on bridge maintenance painting projects where blast cleaning was impossible, and yet longer term performance was required over only hand-prepared steelwork. Giving very high film build by brush, Corroless EPF contains Corroless rust stabilising pigment for long term anticorrosive protection. It also contains self-leafing glass flake for improved impermeability. It has a specially designed tar-free resin system and can be applied to damp steel surfaces. Corroless EPF has undergone extensive, independent testing and has gained approvals from: UK Network Rail for bridges and other steelwork; British Standard BS6920:2000 for use with potable water (in conjunction with Corroless RF35 (2006); to DEFSTAN and MIL specs for bulk fuel tank interiors (together with Corroless RF35 White); and it also has a designated NATO stock number. Typical applications include bridges, ballast tanks, sheet piling and jetties, as well as for coating concrete and other selected substrates.

Key features

  • High build 2K primer containing Corroless pigment
  • Range of approvals
  • Extensive track record