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Axalta's industry-leading brands, including Cromax™, Standox™ and Spies Hecker®, will allow painters to easily apply Sea Glass on their next project.

Sea Glass

Axalta's Automotive Color of the Year 2020

A green-blue shade with a versatile appeal across all regions and vehicle types, Sea Glass infuses tranquility with confidence, producing a premium, customized style that stands out from the crowd

Inspired by nature’s waterways and oceans, Axalta’s Sea Glass has depth and intense color as it glitters in sunlight, making it a color that consumers want and that will be noticed by motorists around the world.

More than just beautiful and trendy, Sea Glass is formulated for reflective properties and is highly detectable by Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) systems. “Bright and pearlescent, Sea Glass is designed to be transmissible for Radio Detection And Ranging (RADAR), meeting the color trends of today for the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow,” commented Lockhart. “The transmission properties of Axalta’s Sea Glass, as well as many colors in our expansive color portfolio, allow vehicle-to-vehicle detection to occur.”

“Sea Glass is ready for the market now,” said Dan Benton, Axalta Marketing Manager - Color. “Formulations for this versatile color are available in our global waterborne technologies, and we are ready for customers who are actively looking for the next trend color.” Axalta’s industry-leading brands, including Cromax™, Standox™ and Spies Hecker® will allow painters to easily apply Sea Glass on their next project.

Axalta is a leader in waterborne products that are easy to apply, deliver outstanding adhesion and variable gloss levels, and are quick-drying with good flexibility, low levels of toxicity and flammability, making them an environmentally responsible choice for any business.

“Sea Glass reminds us of fresh water and ecology and aligns nicely with our corporate social responsibility platform of environmental stewardship,” Lockhart said. “Axalta employees are inspired and motivated to help keep our waterways clean, lower energy and decrease water usage at our facilities around the globe.” In conjunction with the release of the 2020 Automotive Color of the Year and aligned with our CSR platform, Axalta will help to remove more than 1,000 pounds of waste from our oceans.

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