COLOR Choice®

Create an unlimited number of custom colors and designs

COLOR choice® offers all the raw materials necessary to create virtually any unique or custom finish design requested. Axalta products and raw materials offered with the program include:

  • 10 ready-mixed wiping stain colors
  • 17 standardized colorants (compatible with key solvent-based finishes in the program)
  • Standardized stain, glaze and dye bases
  • Universally compatible dyes (for use with waterborne and solvent-based finishes in the program)
  • Specialty products to further customize design solutions

As trends evolve, or codes and regulations change,COLOR choice will respond with new materials and options to meet those changing needs.

Axalta values both safety and efficiency in the workplace and combines both priorities in arranging strategic partnerships to support the COLOR choice® program. Equipment options provided with COLOR choice will help you create a studio-type laboratory set-up that can be personally tailored for your particular needs. Equipment options include:

  • Mixing and dispensing equipment
  • Precision weighing equipment

COLOR choice also provides recommendations on application equipment, general laboratory equipment and important safety supplies.

The COLOR choice® Design Guide provides a wealth of ideas for color and finish design, ranging form noted industry standards to the most-often requested hues to the latest emerging trends. The Design Guide is uniquely comprehensive but can also be creatively tailored to suit individual needs. Design materials highlight:

  • 10 ready-mixed stain colors
  • 30 interblend stain colors
  • 50 custom stain colors
  • 50 custom opaque colors
  • Dye, glaze and colorant libraries
  • Numerous "let downs" and "steps panels"

All Design Guide materials are packaged to help you understand the benefits, values and relative strengths of the primary sources of color for the program. From this "starting package", COLOR choice will be updated to provide additional design guidance and color support.

The COLOR choice® Program Manual gives you important formulation guidance and program management tools. From mastering the basic principles of color theory to guidance on matching or creating complex colors and designs, The Program Manual provides key tools and training for your success, including:

  • Formulation guidance to create all colors in the Design Guide and an unlimited number of custom colors and finishes
  • Training on advanced techniques in color matching
  • "How to" guides on creating truly unique colors and designs
  • "Must knows" for working with wood and with key wood finishing technologies
  • Important information on compatibility and product limitations