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Axalta’s industry-leading technology solves colour matching problems

Bodyshops don’t need to risk poor colour matches

07 OCTOBER 2021 – Colour assessment and matching are two important process steps for every bodyshop; it’s easy to get wrong if the colour match is done by eye due to the subjective nature of colour. And factoring in that globally 8% of men are colour-blind[1], the risks of poor matches for bodyshops increases even further. Red-green colour-blindness is the most common form, causing problems differentiating between red and green; not what a customer wants from a paint repair.

With Axalta’s cloud-based Digital Colour Management, bodyshops don’t have to rely on the human eye to match colours. It enables bodyshops to handle the entire colour retrieval and mixing process completely digitally and 100% wirelessly – something that Axalta brought to the industry first in 2019.

“Colour competence is one of Axalta’s key areas of expertise and strengthens our industry-leading premium refinish brands, offering the fastest and most productive paint process available to the market today. Refinishers take colour readings of a vehicle’s paintwork using Axalta’s digital spectrophotometers, which wirelessly send the readings to Axalta’s constantly-updated online global colour database. The best match can be selected on a smartphone or a tablet and sent via WiFi to an IP scale for mixing the colour formula,” says Gregor Doerdelmann, Axalta’s Refinish Colour Service Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Axalta’s Digital Colour Management now provides fully end-to-end automated colour mixing thanks to seamless integration with the Daisy Wheel 3.0.

With pre-filled, ready-to-use bottles of Cromax® Pro Basecoat, Permahyd® Hi-TEC Basecoat 480 and Standoblue Basecoat coupled with the Daisy Wheel 3.0, the first 100% fully-automatic mixing machine, refinishers get better accuracy on the production of ready-to-use colours, reduce consumption and avoid waste.

“Today, by combining Axalta’s cloud-based Digital Colour Management with Fillon Technologies’ new Daisy Wheel 3.0, refinishers are able to automate their whole colour mixing process for the first time,” he says.

The fully automated mixing process is straightforward and extremely fast with a reduction in time of more than 50%, which allows customers to gain tremendous efficiency, maximise booth cycle time and improve key-to-key times.

Doerdelmann concludes, “Axalta continues to redefine what is possible for bodyshops by being at the forefront of coating technology for more than 150 years. The end markets we serve demand high levels of product performance and superlative productivity, and we deliver.”

Fully automated mixing with Daisy Wheel 3.0 is now available to bodyshops across EMEA. Interested bodyshops should contact their local Axalta Refinish representative for more details.

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