Irus Mix Features

Axalta Irus
  • Fully automatic dispenser for Automotive Refinish
  • Original bottles of Axalta brands Standox, Spies Hecker and Cromax
  • Machine dimension: 

H: 231 cm (240 cm needed)​
D: 72 ​
L: 237 cm (+ access on right side)

  • Total max. 120 pump positions (16 x 1,5L positions and 104 x 0.8L/0.35L/0.1L positions)
  • Color indication on status of Irus Mix
    yellow = working, red = faulty, green = ready
  • Non explosion proof: Non-Atex


PUMP UNITS – accurate and durable

  • Auto pick & placing of pump units
  • Pump units with punch tool for vented bottles
  • Unique positioning of pump units in Irus Mix
  •  Piston pumps for high speed dosing
  •  3-way valve; simple durable, reproducable
  • Warning levels to indicate replacing bottle

ROBOT ARM – high-speed placement

  • Robot picks and shakes pump unit, moves left/right and up/down along rails,
  • Delivers pump unit to dispensing position
  • Picks up the next pump unit while dispensing
  • Robot delivers pump unit to its correct position after dispensing
  • High speed placement
  • Daily maintenance (2 x) of each pump unit to secure stability of the tints (no interruption of work)


DISPENSING – fully autonomous

and extremely precise

  • Fully controlled dispensing by 50ml piston pumps
  • Direct interfacing with scale
  • Starts always with biggest component
  • Minimum shot size 0.05gr
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning after dispensing


SCALE – highly accurate and user-friendly

  •  Operator friendly
  •  Automatic can table (space to put scale and cup)
  • Including scale up to 7,5 kgs for accurate results, minimum accuracy 0.05gr
  •  Display for visual check
  •  Laser positioning
  • Full visibility on dispensing process
  • Direct communication with software
  • Software driven instructions for placing mixing cups
  • Scale to go down to exit position when ready


Ebubekir Kurt

Refinisher, Jülicher Lack- und Karrosseriecenter GmbH.

Jülich, Germany


“Axalta Irus Mix has quickly become an essential part of our daily work. It really is a great support in the color mixing process. It is easy to use, fast and precise. It is also flexible, so I can mix small quantities as well as large. One of the things I appreciate most is that I can do other work while the paint is being mixed by Axalta Irus Mix. I would wholeheartedly recommend Axalta Irus Mix to other bodyshops. It is the future of our industry.”