Formula Student

Formula Student is an international engineering design competetion first held by the Society of Automotive Engineers in 1979. The goal is to develop and provide a platform for student engineers to experience, build, and learn. It offers a unique way to test students' theoretical knowledge in a practical context. Students gain and develop skills such as enginering, project management and team work. the Formula Student competitions have developed into an international competition with participants from over 20 different countries and over 600 universities.*

Axalta is committed to encouraging and nurturing active participation in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects as part of “Axalta’s Bright Futures” programme. In addition to supplying the paints, Axalta offers theoretical and practical preparation advice, technical support and facilitates training to help the team get the most out of the products used.



Innoptus Solar Team, University of Leuven, Belgium – The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Axalta has supported the Innoptus Solar Team – the reigning World Champion in the Challenger Class – from the University of Leuven, Belgium, in this discipline since 2015.

Wolfast Uniovi, University of Oviedo, Spain – MotoStudent

Axalta has worked with the university’s engineering team since 2014 as it takes part in the MotoStudent International Competition – a global motorbike challenge between university student teams.

In 2020, the Wolfast Uniovi has entered the MotoStudent Electric category for the first time. The team is in the process of designing, developing and manufacturing a motorbike prototype with a 100% electric propulsion system.