New Color Gotalene RS 410 UltraMarine

"Give a deep blue Impressionist touch to your micro-powder"

Axalta continues to invest in the development of renewably sourced (‘RS’) cosmetic ingredients, in particular exfoliating powders based on PLA. At In-Cosmetics 2016 in Paris, the first formulation using Axalta’s recently launched Gotalene® RS 410 UltraMarine will be presented by Azelis Personal Care (stand H60).

Mr Jean-Luc Werner, Regional Business Manager - Personal Care, Azelis France comments: "This exfoliating gel showcases a smooth texture, an icy aspect and an impressive deep blue color for a gentle but effective face peeling; we are sure our customers and visitors will love it!" Come and discover Gotalene RS410 UltraMarine at the Azelis stand, or order a sample from our distribution partners or directly via our website.

After the Gotalene series RS 410 & RS 411 Ecocert in neutral powders, and the new RS 410 blue color 23, Axalta Polymer Powders has extended its products range with a deeper blue, ultramarine 23. Originally used to distinguish the blue pigment lapis lazuli from other less expensive blue pigments, ultramarine contains grains of the cubic mineral lazurite. When ground, lazurite produces a characteristic vibrant, deep blue color. This was one of European artists’ favorite colors in the 19th century, its deep blue is commonly seen in Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings.

In addition to the proven benefits of the range, this new Ultramarine colored grade offers formulators the following advantages:

  • Optimal formulation stability, achieved by pigment encapsulation in the PLA matrix
  • Each particle is visually vibrantly blue even with a maximum particle size of 315µm
  • PLA based version of the successful Gotalene 120 Cobalt Blue 23

The Gotalene RS range are gentle and highly effective exfoliating powders for skincare and body care, made from 100% bio-based ingredients.