COSMOS Approval by Ecocert for Gotalene Bio-Based

Gotalene® RS 411 Colorless 23 and 26 have received COSMOS Approval. This achievement confirms that Gotalene RS is the most sustainable and the most effective alternative to PE Microbeads:

  • Gentle and efficient
  • Chemically inert
  • Inhibit microbiological growth (no preservative, no gamma ray treatment required)
  • Well controlled particle size distribution: the same amount of power contains less fine particles, resulting in a more effective exfoliating action
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Gotalene RS410 available in two colors: blue and ultramarine

With this new certification, cosmetic companies and formulators will have full confidence that Gotalene RS is a truly sustainable solution, which complies with all the stringent COSMOS requirements regarding toxicity, biodegradability and sustainable origin of the ingredients.