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One brand with two great VOC options

New Low VOC Product System

The Metalux™ LV color system delivers collision quality color at an affordable price. It features the versatility and productivity needed for a fast and accurate color match. Our color is fully supported by a compact range of primers, clearcoats, hardeners, solvents and accessory products. It's easy-to-use and provides the high-quality results you've come to expect from Metalux.                                        

With the Metalux™ LV range of products,  you get an unstoppable combination of quality and value for all your collision repairs. 

National Rule

The Metalux basecoat range offers a quality collision repair and easy application at an affordable price.   Utilizing polyester resin technology, Metalux paint provides an accurate match for thousands of colors.  Formulated with a high quality range of lightfast pigments to meet OEM color standards, the basecoat delivers excellent coverage and flow.  The system offers a compact range of toners to simplify your inventory needs.

The Metalux product range features a full complement of hardeners, primers, specialized toners, clearcoats, solvents and accessories to allow just the right mix of price and value.