Automotive Components

The automotive industry sets high performance standards for the corrosion, chemical and mechanical resistance of a multitude of parts, from cabs to bolts and screws. Our AquaEC range of tin-free electrocoats offers the necessary performance coupled with extra benefits such as anti-squeak properties for seat applications, and curing temperatures ranging from low- to high-bake.

With many years of experience in development and manufacture of electrocoats, we supply coatings that achieve the specified film thickness at the lowest possible consumption volume, because we ensure a high first-run-OK rate and great throwing power, even at lower baking temperatures. We also have spray coatings for automotive components, mainly motor parts.

Brake line coatings

Brake line applications are critical to vehicle safety and performance. Only a few coating systems fulfil the chemical, mechanical, UV and corrosion resistance demands of the industry. PVF-based coatings from Axalta belong in this rare group.

Axalta offers tailor-made PVF-based primer and topcoat systems for double-or single-wall brake lines, as well as an adhesion promoter, which is compatible with various types of polyamides. Everything has been designed to protect brake lines from corrosion, and from chemical and mechanical damage.

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Wheel coatings

Coating systems for wheels have to look good under tough conditions and be able to resist many aggressive chemicals. Wheel manufacturers also want the coatings they use to be stable under UV radiation and to protect the wheels from corrosion. Our coating systems for aluminium and steel wheels meet all these requirements.

The new generation of low VOC water-based basecoats for alloy wheels and water-based stoving systems for steel wheels limit VOC emission. Based on many years of experience in producing and applying wheel coatings, we provide our customers with expertise and support in protection and productivity.

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