The EMEA Axalta in Motion Day

Employees from nearly every EMEA country joined together to participate in the first “Axalta in Motion Day” helping to raise a maximum of 50,000 Euro for good causes by taking as many steps as possible in 24 hours. Every 250 steps equated to 1 Euro and the Company goal was achieved by taking more than 26 million steps. The money raised by employees will be donated to five organizations in accordance with Axalta’s Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines and in support of STEM Education or Environmental Stewardship.

Yves Kerstens, Axalta’s VP and President EMEA, said: “Axalta in Motion demonstrated fantastic employee commitment and company spirit. It’s the first combined regional health initiative we have undertaken. We are very pleased with the results and remain commitment to being an active participant in our hometowns throughout EMEA.”