Impregnating Resins

Fix coated wires, provide mechanical stability and insulation

Impregnating resins and varnishes sit alongside wire enamels as key components of motor, generator and transformer production. It’s the impregnating resins’ job to turn the individual components of wire windings, laminated cores and other insulation materials into a homogenous and mechanically stable unit. Impregnating resins also provide improved heat transfer between wire windings, slot insulation and iron core, as well as broad-spectrum of environmental protection.

The philosophy behind today’s impregnating resins comes from nature; natural resins were originally a basic component in impregnating resin production. Even today, Axalta uses renewable raw materials to form the polymer backbone that delivers outstanding properties. The manufacturing process of Energy Solutions’ impregnating resins uses complex chemical processes to help preserve natural resources.