Axalta's Electrical Insulation Materials Brands

Wire enamels, impregnating resins, electrical steel coatings

The Energy Solutions brands represent a broad product portfolio for various kinds of electrical insulation. You will find a brand that suits your market, application and quality needs.


Our leading brand - Voltatex® - has been highly regarded in the market for many years, and customers around the world appreciate and value its exceptional quality. Voltatex premium products are available for all three segments - Wire Enamels, Electrical Steel Coatings and Impregnating Resins.


To meet the different requirements regarding corona resistance, Energy Solutions offers tailored Voltron® systems. They are suitable where high corona resistance of magnet wire dielectrics is required in specific industries and applications. Generally, our patented Voltron systems are a combination of at least two Voltatex products - a basecoat and a topcoat – and some contain a primer too. Voltron® systems are characterized by a high storage stability and they don’t need to be stirred. 


Voltalube products are premium-blend wax solutions, which improve the winding characteristics of a wire during the coil winding process. They are available in different concentrations for application to a wide range of wire sizes. This material can be custom-designed for specific applications.


Voltaprem products are specially designed for use in medium- and high-voltage areas. They are well-suited for application on generators for on- and offshore wind turbines as well as for application on traction motors within the railway industry. They can also be used for general industrial applications, like medium- and high-voltage generators and motors for pumps, compressors, blowers, extruders, mixers, crushers, conveyor belt systems and ship propulsion systems. The products are low emission and VOC-free. They are also compliant with all relevant EU Directives.

Voltaprem offers:

  • Unlimited tank stability
  • High temperature resistance
  • Compatible with most common mica tapes
  • Good penetration through multilayer insulation systems


The Voltacast product portfolio is made up of polyurethane-based potting/casting systems. These casting resins are used for encapsulating electric and electronic components and transformers. Voltacast is available in a flame-retardant version, in accordance with UL 94. All Voltacast potting/casting resins are two-component systems consisting of a resin and a corresponding hardener.

Both components must be mixed in the correct ratio to create the different Voltacast grades. A duroplastic material with system-specific end properties is produced thanks to the polyaddition chemical reaction. This reaction can be accelerated by elevating the curing temperatures or by adding special catalysts to the resin component before mixing.

For industrial processing of Voltacast potting/casting resins, the use of automatic mixing and dosing equipment is recommended.


Voltahyd, a waterborne impregnating resin brand, is currently only available in China. It is used to insulate and to protect stator coils in compressor motors, sealing motors, water pumps, chemical pumps and other small- and medium-sized motors, electronic products and power tools. Voltahyd provides strong bonding, excellent stability and easily-adjusted viscosity.

Features of Voltahyd 2250 series:

  • Extremely low VOC content; the most environmentally-responsible impregnating product
  • Can be thinned with water without releasing toxic or irritant gases; helps to ensure clean and environmentally-sound work conditions
  • Epoxy-based; delivers exceptional mechanical properties, extremely robust aging resistance and outstanding electrical properties
  • UL approved


Our Voltabas products offer an optimum price-performance ratio with reliable quality. They are designed to meet general application requirements.


The BasaTM line has been developed mainly for the repair process of electric motors and transformers, in general electric devices of reduced voltage. Basa products are only available in Latin America.

For detailed product information, or to find the product that meets your requirements, please select the corresponding electrical insulation product criteria in our product finder tools: