About Axalta Energy Solutions

Excellence in electrical insulation

The three Energy Solutions segments - wire enamels, impregnating resins and electrical steel coatings - represent a broad range of insulation materials for a consistently growing energy market.  The product lines are designed to fulfill the continuously increasing requirements of modern and environmentally conscious materials. With a global presence of development and service facilities, technical expertise and high product quality Energy Solutions creates a great value for customers.

Technology and Innovation at Axalta

Global innovation at Axalta Coating Systems relies on a robust technical portfolio that encompasses technology and product development, color technology, application fundamentals and technical support that provide sustainable coating solutions for our customers around the world.

Scientists and technicians in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific engage in a broad spectrum of research leading to the development of products and processes that meet the needs of Axalta’s refinish, light vehicle, commercial vehicle and industrial customers. With

  • 4 technology centers worldwide
  • more than 1,400 technical team members and
  • 1,300 patents held or pending

we focus on bringing our customers innovative solutions.