Axalta’s Voltatex 4224 Is the Choice for Siemens and Other Top Companies

Last year, Axalta expanded its Energy Solutions portfolio with Voltatex® 4224 – a low-emission impregnating resin. Since then, the product has proven its value worldwide in numerous applications in the electrical industry, and this innovative product recently received a prestigious R&D 100 Award.

Basel, Switzerland - 9 December 2019 - Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, added Voltatex 4224 to its Energy Solutions portfolio last year. After 12 months of global use in a variety of industrial applications, Axalta’s feedback on Voltatex 4224 from its customers has been outstanding.

"Using Voltatex 4224 at Siemens has led to a significant reduction in the operating temperature of water-cooled motors. This low-emission impregnating resin is just as easy to apply as conventional impregnating agents,” said Thomas Werbinek, Head of R&D Servomotors, Siemens, Bad Neustadt, Germany.

Michael Glomp, Axalta's Global Vice President for Energy Solutions, explains the benefits of the lower operating temperatures, "Voltatex 4224 improves the heat transfer from the copper winding to the steel core. This leads to less thermal stress in a motors’ components, reducing the operating temperature by up to 300C or the size of the motor by more than 15%. And the design of smaller and more efficient motors leads to a reduction in the use of metal resources, which is very much in line with Axalta’s environmental sustainability goals."

Joachim Klötgen, Head of Automatic Impregnation Systems, Meier Prozesstechnik, Bocholt, Germany, says, "When using Voltatex 4224, Meier Prozesstechnik has shown that it can be applied using conventional impregnation technologies such as trickling, dipping and rolling. It is therefore possible to use the same system technology without incurring any problems.”

Voltatex 4224 at a glance

Available globally, this low-emission impregnating resin allows for the design of smaller and more efficient motors, and for the significant reduction of the operating temperatures of standard design motors. Compared to most standard impregnating resins, Voltatex 4224 has a thermal conductivity that is more than double - 0.5 to 1.2 W/mK. In addition, Voltatex 4224 is manufactured using renewable raw materials.

Voltatex 4224 is available in three viscosity adjustments – low, medium and high - and it can be applied using conventional impregnation technologies such as trickling, dripping and rolling. It is a styrene- and vinyl toluene-free impregnating resin, which means that emissions are reduced to a minimum in order to create a better working environment and limit flammability as well as emissions exposure.

Prestigious award

In November 2019, Axalta received the R&D 100 Award for Voltatex 4224. Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards programme has identified and celebrated the top 100 revolutionary technologies of each year. These ground-breaking products, technologies and services will make a difference in a wide range of industries and together represent a bright future for science and innovation in the years to come.

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