Hydropon™ is a new water-based, air-dry PVDF that is formulated to revitalize and transform old roofs and siding to look brand new again. Hydropon provides a smooth surface and restores beauty and resilience to mold, mildew, delamination and peeling in the face of exposure to the harshest weather conditions. With its fast and easy spray application, Hydropon is designed to adhere exceptionally well to previously coated metal. After a brief two-hour air dry process, in which the coating must be protected, the finish achieves full physical properties within one week.

Hydropon continues the Dura Coat tradition of offering tested and proven high performance construction industry coatings. The product’s solar reflectance value is more efficient than uncoated roofs in directing heat away from surfaces, thus keeping building attics and ducts cooler which ultimately helps to reduce cooling costs. Hydropon’s durability ensures protection from water, humidity, extreme temperatures, UV, oxygen and acid rain.