Harmonized Coating Technologies

Axalta’s Harmonized Coating Technologies™ provide light vehicle OEMs with coating formulations and application systems designed to increase productivity, save energy and reduce costs in vehicle manufacture. The traditional automotive OEM painting process requires three separate baking ovens to cure each layer of coating – primer, basecoat and top coat – and bake ovens or flash zones to dry each layer. Together these manufacturing phases can account for an estimated 70 percent of an automotive assembly plant’s energy consumption.

The 3-Wet System, Eco-Concept, and 2-Wet Monocoat Harmonized Coating Technologies described below illustrate Axalta’s strength in providing a systems-based approach to customers. Our goal is to recognize opportunities for customers, then work toward designing more advanced coatings formulations and application systems, and offer proper training that will help realize potential productivity and sustainability gains.

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