Durapon 70

Durapon 70™ is a full 70% PVDF coating which incorporates a unique acrylic blend designed to produce a harder, tougher surface which resists abrasion and scratching that can occur in transit, handling and installation.  Durapon 70™ is also formulated to be used in coastal environments as well as heavy industrial areas when utilizing our thick film primer, DC4254G-380. Durapon 70™colors are matched with cool pigments to meet Energy Star requirements and qualify for LEED’s certification.   Our PVDF coatings, which utilize Hylar 5000, can be matched for low gloss, low sheen requirements. In addition, Durapon 70™ can match most colors in the spectrum including metallics which utilize mica flakes. This high performance coating is engineered to reduce the carbon footprint and lower the heat island effect.