Dura Coat Products

The Dura Coat family of products includes high-performance coil coatings that seal, protect and beautify metals. Utilized in various applications such as building and wall panels, metal roofs, commercial appliances, lighting, garage door, HVAC, office furniture, and truck trailers, the formulation of Dura Coat brands accomplish exceptional performance while reducing the carbon footprints. Thus, Dura Coat technologies prove consistent with Axalta’s commitment to high quality, durable products that support environmental sustainability. All of Dura Coat’s technologies are home grown which provide for innovative and differentiated coatings unlike any others in the industry.

Dura Coat products are available only in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and South Korea.

Dura Coat Coil Coatings brands include Durapon 70™, Ceranamel™ XT40S, Ceranamel™ XT-30, Hydropon and XT.