Ceranamel™ XT40S, a silicone modified polyester custom coil coating technology offers the best hardness, flex ratio available in the industry providing long-lasting protection to both internal and external surfaces. Formulated with a proprietary super durable polyester resin that provides superior long-term weathering performance, the Ceranamel™ XT40S series is an ideal selection for various exterior applications including monumental, commercial, post frame and residential building components. The system’s high quality exterior grade and cool pigmentation ensure the best available long-term high UV radiation color and gloss retention. The Ceranamel™ XT40S resin can also be made into our new wrinkle finish.

The Ceranamel™ XT-30 series, specifically designed to replace and upgrade coating products that did not satisfy durability requirements in end use applications, can be formulated for interior and exterior use. Selected HVAC, appliance, office furniture, transportation, garage door and building product applications will benefit from XT-30’s abrasion and stain resistance. Ceranamel™ coil coatings system displays versatility in more than its application offerings; custom matching enables the series to meet a vast variety of color specifications.