Energy Solutions

Axalta provides an extensive line of electrical insulation products with our Voltatex® line of performance coatings. Wire enamels, impregnating resins and electrical steel coatings are designed to work together to improve efficiencies. Our electrical steel coatings are water-soluble thermosetting coatings which contribute significantly to a considerable improvement of punching and corrosion protection, as well as the electrical insulation of electrical steel coatings.

Our wire enamels are used for primary electrical insulation, covering applications from fine wire for miniaturized electronic components to heavy-round and rectangular conductors for large motors, generators or transformers.

Impregnating resins are key components of modern motors, generators and transformers. They offer mechanical stability, additional electrical insulation and excellent protection against a wide variety of environmental factors.

Axalta’s sophisticated core sheet insulation varnishes, mainly applied by coil coating technology, are designed for fast curing in a tunnel oven, allowing increased production at a high quality level. Voltatex electrical steel coatings are suitable for high speed curing, needed for instance when using the NIR technology.