Energy Solutions

Thanks to Axalta’s specially crafted varnishes and resins, the performance of modern electrical equipment has been significantly enhanced through improved insulation.

For 80 years Axalta’s Energy Solutions has been an international leader in manufacturing high-quality and high-performance insulation coatings.

Energy Solutions has a proven track record across all segments as well as with all major manufacturers of electrical equipment. Our products can be applied to household appliances and power tools, automotive components, as well as be used with energy generation, transformation and distribution.

In addition, Energy Solutions is the only supplier of all three distinctive product segments -- wire enamels, impregnating resins and electrical steel coatings -- to offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and eco-friendly insulating liquid coatings to protect conductors, transformers, generators, electric motors and EV batteries.

Our experienced and proficient chemists and technicians work closely with the industry to develop the highest quality, top-forming solutions to meet customers’ evolving needs. With our continuous testing of new application technologies, you can be sure that when you choose Energy Solutions, you are choosing expertise and performance.

Our products are available globally under the Voltatex®, Voltron®, Voltaprem, Voltahyd, Voltacast, Voltabas and Basa™ brand names.