Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000

Priomat Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000 are easy to use as they come pre-saturated with the active ingredients. They are designed to make metal pretreatment processes very fast. They provide the adhesion, and help to improve corrosion resistance, for the subsequent paint process.

Product Features

  • Fast and easy wipe-on application for the pretreatment of bare metal surfaces.

  • Designed especially for the use with Permasolid HS Speed Surfacers.

  • Also suitable for small sand-through areas in combination with certain Permasolid HS Surfacers.

  • Offer excellent adhesion and corrosion protection.

  • Easy to use, no mixing or application equipment required.

  • Economical; one wipe can be used to pretreat approximately 2 m².

  • Reduced flash-off times compared to 2K wash primers by about 20 - 25 minutes.

  • Chromium-free, water-based and easily disposable, with a very low VOC-content (less than 1.5 %).

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