Permasolid® HS Race Clear Coat 8700

Permasolid HS Race Clear Coat 8700 is a versatile clear coat. Thanks to its easy application with excellent flow properties and its quick, flexible drying, cycle times can be decreased. In addition, the clear coat offers a high gloss result.

Product Features

  • Suitable for all repairs: from minor damage to overall respray.

  • Easy and reliable application in 2 coats with short intermediate flash off.

  • Good vertical stability.

  • Outstanding topcoat hold-out thanks to excellent flow and high gloss.

  • Fast drying: 15 min/60 °C.

  • Energy saving drying: 30 min/40 °C. IR drying is also possible.

  • Thanks to modern technology it can be polished and assembled right after oven drying and short cooling period.

  • Includes a slow hardener and slow additive for hot & humid conditions.

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