Accurate colours and lasting quality

Challenger is a compact refinish system that offers good value for a good price, including a mixing machine and state-of-the-art colour tools. Based on Axalta Coating Systems technologies and made in the EU, Challenger® products have a wide application window, provide a good colour match and deliver lasting quality.

We gave Challenger a focused range of basecoats and 2K topcoats with straightforward mixing ratios to make it as user-friendly as possible. Consisting of compatible products, the Challengersystem is suitable for any job from spot repair to total refinish.


A solvent-based cleaner to remove contamination and prepare surfaces.

Contaminants have a negative impact on refinishing jobs. By using a Challenger solvent-based cleaner (degreaser) you can easily remove various degrees of contamination, to ensure a good overall appearance.

Name Can size
CL700 Degreaser 5 L


Various undercoats to remove defects and protect the substrate.

Challenger putties, primers, primer-fillers and fillers make the surface smoother, protect it, and improve the ability of the basecoat or topcoat to bind to it. Challenger undercoats can be easily applied and sanded according to the requirements of the job.

Code Name    Can size
2K High Productive HS Filler 1 L , 3 L
CL440W Filler White 1 L
CL440 Filler Grey 1 L
CL440B Filler Black 1 L
CL500 Putty 2 KG
CL4000 1K VOC Wash Primer-Filler 1 L , 3 L
1K VOC Plastic Primer 1 L
CL4200 2K VOC Productive Filler 1 L
2K HS Performance Filler 1 L
CL4500 2K VOC Performance Filler 1 L


The compact Challenger basecoat and 2K topcoat colour systems.

Whether you prefer the flexibility of a separate basecoat and clear, or the efficiency of 2K topcoats, Challenger has the colour system to fit your choice. The Challenger Basecoat and 2K Topcoat colour systems are easy to apply and offer good all-round quality for a good price.


The Challenger basecoat delivers lasting colours in solid, aluminium, pearl and xirallic tints. Thanks to straightforward mixing ratios and high tint viscosity, you can produce the colour effect you need with easy and reliable wet shading.

Basecoat   Can size
1 L , 3,5 L
Aluminium & Pearls
1 L , 3,5 L
1 L
Low strength
1 L

A 2K topcoat unifies colour with the effect and protection of a clear. With a simple 2:1 mixing ratio, the Challenger 2K topcoat is not only an efficient and quality refinishing solution, but also very easy to prepare.

2K Topcoat Can size
2K Topcoat
1 L , 3,5 L
CLT0.  Low strength
1 L


Available in gloss and matt to shield the basecoat from external influences. 

A clear protects the colour of a basecoat from exterior influences such as the weather and scratching. With a gloss or matt effect, Challenger clears will bring out the best of any Challenger basecoat.

Code Name
Can size
2K Clear
1 L
CL210 2K Air Dry Clear 1 L
CL240   2K HS Appearance Clear 
1 L, 4 L
CL250 2K HS Standard Clear
1 L
CL2200 2K VOC Productive Clear 1 L
CL2400 2K VOC Performance Clear 1 L
CL2600 2K VOC Appearance Clear 5 L


Chemicals to induce polymerisation in Challenger 2K coats and improve durability.

A hardener is a reactive chemical that hardens a 2K coat by inducing polymerisation. Challenger hardeners are available for every situation and layer, from filler to clear, providing the desired behaviour when you apply a Challenger 2K coat.

Code  Name
Can size
CL640 Hardener Fast 0,5 L, 1 L
HS Hardener Medium
0,25 L, 0,5 L, 1 L
Universal Hardener
0,5 L
Hardener Slow
0,5 L, 1 L
CL6400 VOC Hardener Fast 0.5 L
CL6500 VOC Hardener 0.5 L


Versatile reducers to dilute Challenger products in line with the job requirements.

Slow, standard or fast, Challenger has a reducer for everything from basecoat and 2K topcoat to supplementary products. The compact yet versatile set of Challenger reducers accommodates any job and delivers lasting results for a good price.

Code Name Can size
Reducer Fast
1 L, 5 L
Reducer Medium
1 L, 5 L
Reducer Slow
1 L, 5 L


Optional ingredients to enrich a Challenger coat with a specific effect.

By adding a small quantity of a Challenger additive to a basecoat, 2K topcoat or clear, you can achieve particular visual effects. Only by choosing a Challenger additive you can be certain that you have the best supplement for your Challenger coat.

Code Name Can size
Matting Additive
1 L
 Tri-Coat Additive
1 L
CL330 Non-Sanding Additive 1 L

The number and types of Challenger products on offer differs per region. Be aware that some Challenger products may not be available in your market.