Every colour has a formula

Each colour is the result of various tints mixed to exact specifications. Retrieving the formula that faithfully replicates the colour of a vehicle, requires effective colour tools.

Because Challenger is part of Axalta Coating Systems, we can offer reliable colour tools at a good price. Combined with Challenger colour, connect directly to over 120,000 constantly updated formulas to get the most accurate match, every time.

Reduce product consumption and increase efficiency by getting the colour formula right the first time – with Challenger colour tools.



Acquire Colour Compact

Small size. Big performance.

Good colour matching is at the heart of the Challenger brand. Time and time again, bodyshops using Challenger provide good, quick repairs, offering vehicle owners European quality refinishing and excellent value. To help do this they use the Acquire Colour Compact spectrophotometer, which does the colour-matching work.

The Acquire Colour Compact is a user-friendly, hand-held device that digitally measures any vehicle’s basecoat or 2K topcoat, quickly and easily. With step-by-step instructions on the large hi-res screen, it’s easy to use but packed with features. The cordless Acquire Colour Compact can be used around the bodyshop to measure the colour of several different repairs before being connected wirelessly to Axalta Color Cloud. And there’s no need to take vehicles outside to measure the colours – the Acquire Colour Compact can be used in all lighting conditions. All these benefits add up to a quick colour-match, and aid quick turnarounds for bodyshops.


  • Measures exactly what’s on the vehicle
  • Most accurate colour tool available
  • Compact unit with internal light source and protective cover
  • Works with all paint qualities from Challenger
  • User-friendly design and software


Colour Channel

24/7 access to a wealth of colour formulas

Providing access to over 100,000 formulas for European, US, South African and Asian passenger and commercial vehicles, the Challenger Colour Channel is always available. As it is regularly updated, it is also the most current repository of colour formulas and technical and safety data sheets. Complemented by strong search functions, the Colour Channel is an invaluable colour tool. Colour Channel is fully compatible with our Colour Catcher spectrophotometer.


Fan Deck

Containing chips for European and Asian passenger car shades, each with at least one variation, the Challenger Fan Deck is an extensive and precise colour reference instrument. Every leaf in the 72 booklets is sprayed with one colour and has a barcode or numeric code that allows you to look up the corresponding formula in no time.


  • 72 booklets
  • 4,325 chips (size: 35*90 mm)
  • Indexed by car maker and paint code
  • 2 updates annually


Bumper and underhood swatches

When the bumper or underhood colour varies from the rest of the car, simply take the swatch with bumper and underhood colours of the vehicle’s manufacturer from the Challenger box, and you can quickly identify the correct colour. With the information on the chip, accessing the corresponding formula is easy.


Bumper colours

  • 700 colours
  • Indexed by car make and colour code
  • 1 update annually

Underhood colours

  • 900 colours
  • Indexed chromatically
  • Not related to car make



The Challenger OEM Box adds value to bodyshops that require a visual representation of colours.

The tool contains more than 4900 stripe-coated OEM standard colours, assembled into swatches and is updated once per year. Car makes are consolidated according to their group affiliation.


Tinting tool

Together, our tinting poster and tinting swatches form a comprehensive and very practical tinting tool. These quick reference guides provide immediate insight into Challenger tints and their possible applications.