Sustainability is central to Axalta’s business. From environmental and social performance to the sustainability benefits our products and services provide and our strong corporate governance practices, being an engaged business partner and a good neighbor are fundamental to our growth and success. 

Our manufacturing facilities around the world continually enhance their processes to minimize our impact on the environment. Many Axalta products and application technologies are developed to support not only our own sustainability goals, but also those of our customers by increasing productivity and reducing emissions, energy use, and waste. We engage with a variety of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, investors, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations and others to listen, learn and find ways to continually improve our performance.

2020-2022 Sustainability Report

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2020-2022 Sustainability Report

Axalta's 2030 ESG Goals

As a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, we embrace our responsibility to identify and deliver solutions that will produce a more sustainable environment and business. Our solutions-oriented approach reflects the critical role we play as partners in helping our customers accelerate their own sustainability initiatives and achievements.

Our new 2030 goals reflect how meaningful environmental progress, inclusive social values and strong corporate governance are at the heart of Axalta’s operations and success. We have aligned our goals -- structured under three key pillars -- to a targeted selection of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Planet Solutions

Focused on ensuring a more sustainable future for the planet, this first pillar includes a series of goals aimed at improving Axalta’s environmental performance and reducing the impact of our global operations. At the core of our commitment to environmental sustainability is a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality in our operations by 2040.

50% absolute reduction of Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, sourcing at least 50% of electricity from renewable sources

10% reduction of process waste, VOC emissions, and water use from operations (normalized to production)

Business Solutions

This second pillar concentrates on how Axalta’s products, services and technology can help customers design and manufacture their finished products to help accelerate their own sustainability initiatives and achievements.

80% of new technology and innovation developments will have a sustainability benefit

Increase by at least 20% the percentage of net sales from products, services, and tools that offer sustainability benefits to our customers, markets, and communities

People Solutions

Building on Axalta’s corporate culture, which is rooted in inclusivity, integrity, safety and engagement, this third pillar will ensure that we continue operating and fostering an environment where all our people can thrive. 

• 30% of management positions to be filled by women globally
• 30% of management positions to be filled by underrepresented racial/ethnic groups (in US)
• Establish, track, and improve upon a favorable Inclusion Index

100% of key suppliers assessed against a robust set of sustainability criteria, reflecting environmental, governance, and reputational risks, including human rights

$5 million in donations via our Bright Futures Program, which includes STEM and vocational scholarships, to support our local communities

Global top decile recordable injury rates annually while continually striving towards zero injuries

Conduct employee engagement survey annually, and achieve participation rates and employee confidence in company follow-up actions greater than the provider benchmark 

100% active global employees trained on Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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The terms “material” and “materiality” used on this site refer to, and the content contained herein includes, environmental, social, and governance matters that Axalta’s stakeholders have deemed most significant for the company. These matters may not be material from a financial perspective.