Zenith Waterborne Powder Glazes



Zenith™ Waterborne Powder Glazes are unique glazing products used for creating antique looks and other special effects. They are designed to be applied over a sealed and sanded surface, and then either wiped off while still wet, or removed with a Scotchbrite™ pad (or similar) after the glaze has dried to a powder. These glazes must be topcoated. They are fast drying, have very little odor, and clean up with water. Choose from four popular ready mix colors or an unlimited color palette available with the Color Choice™ program. This product is designed for professional use only.


  • Achieve a wet or dry glaze effect
  • Much faster dry time than conventional glazes
  • HAPs free/Ultra-Low VOC
  • Very low odor
  • Water cleanup
  • Can be wiped while wet or removed with Scotchbrite when dry
  • Fast dry to recoat time




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