Luster Lac Professional Sealer

Versatile and economical.

LUSTER LAC™ professional nitrocellulose sealers and lacquer topcoats offer an easy to apply, fast drying finishing system formulated to provide excellent flow, build and finishing properties. These lacquers are excellent for interior wood fixtures and new construction where a versatile and very economical coating is required. Luster Lac products are easy to touch-up and repair and are available in clear, white and black systems.


  • Easy to use and apply with excellent flow and leveling characteristics
  • Very quick drying
  • Good rubbing properties
  • No catalyst required
  • HAPs-Compliant
  • Ultra-low-VOC formulations available
  • Easy to recoat
  • Easy touch-up and repair
  • Compatible with Axalta Wood Finishes color systems
  • Good for all wood species

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