Education Courses

Based on your training needs we offer both facilitator led training events as well as a series of eLearning modules.

Our training event calendar can be found on the Axalta Learning Campus.

Our facilitators are either subject matter experts, Axalta Strategic Account Managers, or Axalta Business Service Managers who have extensive industry experience.

We’ve incorporated our eLearning modules as pre-work to ensure all attendees have a common background on the course topic prior to attending the class.

"CEU" Courses

Our eLearning modules provide an on-demand option for immediate training of new hires or the moment process assistance is needed and would add value to the collision repair center.

Each module contains:

  • Training slides and videos to walk you through the specific process being described
  • On-line attachments with tools such as forms, posters, and relevant industry articles to aid in the implementation of the process

There are seven Refinish Performance Management course sets available within our Axalta Learning Campus each containing learning modules specific to the topic.

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Painting Group
  • Repair Planning Group
  • Selling Activities Group
  • Body Activities Group
  • Delivery Activities Group
  • Financial Administration Group
  • Marketing Courses Group
  • Financial Gross Profit Group
  • Paint & Material Gross Profit