Performance Management Tools

Refinish Performance Management tools are designed to improve how you market, sell and operate your business. 

Marketing Tools

Designed to help you improve how you market your business, they can be purchased and used individually or as an integrated suite.


  • Help to increase closing ratios and repeat business/referrals with a focused message for improved profitability.
  • Help achieve a higher customer service index response rate while reducing customer service index per repair order costs.
  • Easy-to-use tools designed to help create additional sales and drive more consumer and agent traffic to your location.

Operational Tools

Designed to help standardize and refine your business processes which could lead to minimizing quality variations in repairs and service delivery.


  • Pre-loaded with industry best practices for over 30 processes.
  • Customizable so processes are applicable to your staff, which should make them ideal for new-hire training or online reference.
  • Testing and auditing can result in higher quality and improved customer satisfaction, which should lead to more repeat and referral business.
  • Can help to improve consistency and confidence among trading partners (insurers, fleets, dealers, etc.).