For light vehicle buyers, it’s all about color – paint colors that catch the eye and create excitement. We know that color can play a big role in car buyers’ choices about which cars to buy. Our colors contribute to the pride new car owners feel about the vehicles they’ve bought and they reinforce those decisions every time owners get behind the wheel.

Axalta’s high chroma Vermeera™ technology provides exceptionally lush, deep colors. Effect pigments can make colors sparkle in the light. Other technologies enable colors to virtually shift hue and tint based on the angle at which light strikes the surfaces as the eye moves across a vehicles surface curves

Automotive Color of the Year

Axalta continuously monitors automotive trends to forecast how color tastes are changing in the automotive market. Our color expertise helps automakers who use our coatings to beautify and protect their vehicles recognize which hues will appeal most to their customers. Each year, Axalta identifies a global Automotive Color of the Year. Daily inspirations, coupled with extensive research, assist Axalta color designers and product experts in selecting the Automotive Color of the Year.

The Axalta 2018 Automotive Color of the Year is StarLite. StarLite is a modern, technology-savvy, premium color for vehicles of today and tomorrow. Borne from Axalta’s ChromaDyne™ line of color coats developed for automotive OEMs, StarLite is a light and reflective hue that uses Axalta’s tri-coat process formulated with synthetic pearl flakes to create an eye catching pearlescent effect.

StarLite was chosen not only because it is a sophisticated color designed to look great on all vehicle sizes but because it is designed with sustainability and technology in mind. StarLite’s light and reflective properties may allow vehicles to be more easily detectable by LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems. Furthermore, researchers at Berkeley Lab’s Energy Technologies Area showed how a vehicle’s color affects fuel economy and emissions. Berkeley Lab’s tests found that using white or similar paint instead of black paint could enable manufacturers to downsize a car’s air conditioner and raise fuel economy COemissions by 1.9 percent, and reduce other automotive emissions by about 1 percent. For more information on StarLite, please visit 2018 Starlite 



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Axalta Color Shows

Axalta color shows hosted around the world present OEMs with color palettes designed to showcase the latest color and technology trends. On display are painted, contoured panels that represent colors for all vehicle types. Exquisite and sophisticated colors are designed for luxury and specialty brands while trending colors with global acceptance target mass appeal brands. Axalta’s global team of specialists design color choices that anticipate and inspire color preferences for automobile manufacturers for years into the future.

We develop our color palettes using advanced coating materials and systems. Axalta’s proprietary digital technology provides a virtual display of color on vehicles. Digital color rendering is a powerful tool that can help in the visualization of color design on a specific automotive body style in order to ensure the right color is feasible in production as well as accelerate development time and help reduce the possibility of production delays.

To make our color repertoire even more accessible to manufacturers, Axalta brings the latest digital technology to our color shows. Touch screen displays enable users to choose a vehicle, color and setting, and then rotate the image with 3-D realism. The effect is dazzling and the feedback immediate; customers can see their imagination come to life on screen with the touch of a finger.

Color Popularity Report

As part of our commitment to color, Axalta is proud to publish its annual Global Color Popularity report, the largest and longest running report of its kind in the automotive industry. It is the only report that includes global automotive color popularity rankings and regional trends from 11 leading automotive regions of the world. Each year a full report reveals the top 10 most popular color spaces. The report also shows color popularity by vehicle segments including compacts and sport vehicles, trucks and SUVs, intermediate and multi-purpose vehicles as well as luxury sedans and luxury SUVs.

In suggesting which colors will best suit the future, it is sometimes necessary to reflect on the most popular colors of the past. In 2013, Axalta celebrated over six decades of color popularity reporting. Our 60+ Years of Color Reporting looks back to the top five automobile colors in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. This historical snapshot of color preferences shows the transformation of regional differences leading into today’s global automotive market.