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Learning & Development

Do you want increased shop productivity, efficiency and quality? Explore Axalta Coating Systems’ Learning and Development programs.

Learning and Development programs are designed to improve customer performance by developing the skills and knowledge to help eliminate waste, reduce costs, keep cycle time to a minimum, and increase retention by investing in employee careers.

Customers can take single courses as desired or earn a Master Certification from Axalta after successfully completing as few as four courses using Cromax, Spies Hecker or Standox. I-CAR credit hours can be earned on many courses at the same time.

Programs are offered in eleven Learning and Development Centers in North America, in an office or shop, virtually, online through, or through a mix of blended learning methods as needed per customer.  Programs are available for refinishers, body shop technicians, managers, owners and more.

Get started today.  Sign up for courses and view our catalog in the Learning Campus.  

Axalta Learning Campus

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Learn how Axalta Learning & Development can give you the ultimate edge.