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Color is our business. And a big part of yours.

Color can conveys passion. Personality. Vitality. Black can exude sophistication and luxury. White can mean purity, freshness, crispness. Red tends to be sporty and adventurous. Green is natural and often associated with money. Blue can be bright and bold or deep and mysterious. Color adds distinction and diversity. Within a color family there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of variations. Some people choose their vehicle’s color as carefully as the car’s make and model.

You live the importance of color every day. We at Standox share your focus and fascination. Not only did we help pioneer the science of color measurement, we have developed some of the most innovative color products and tools available in today’s marketplace. Count on us to be your color delivery experts.

Learn more about how our color tools are designed to help you achieve top quality and improved bottom line performance for your business.