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1040 colors in one easy-to-handle deck.

SpectraMaster Color Atlas is an excellent color tool to support accurate and easy paint color selection and identification. SpectraMaster Color Atlas can be used for selecting, presenting, specifying, communicating, coordinating, reproducing and creating color for numerous industries. The fan deck format makes it easy to hold and carry. The chips are designed without holes to make comparing colors easy.

  • Design based on intuitive visual organization in an effort to make locating colors fast and easy.
  • 1040 colors.
  • 61 pages that fan by hue in chromatic (48 pages) and neutral families (13 pages).
  • Each page has 16 variations within a hue — 8 lightness levels by 2 chroma levels.
  • Fan to the left to see 65 hues at 8 lightness levels of lower chroma.
  • Fan to the right to see 65 hues at 8 lightness levels of higher chroma.
  • Four pages provide added variations in the popular white, black, yellow and red families.
  • A gradient neutral background is used to provide good color differentiation at all lightness levels.
  • Neighboring color formulas use consistent pigment selection so that blended formulas have fewer pigments and less color flare (unexpected color shifts under different light sources).