We put Digital Colour Management in your hands.

100% Digital Process

Axalta’s technology puts bodyshops at the cutting edge of digital transformation. Instead of matching colours by eye, paint professionals now use cloud-connected spectrophotometers that deliver precise colour formulas from a constantly updated global database without any PC.

Results are automatically sent by Wi-Fi to an IP-scale and everything is controlled digitally from a smart phone or tablet. Making the whole process more accurate, more efficient and more profitable.

Today, Axalta leads the refinishing industry in Digital Colour Management. We’re quite literally redefining what’s possible.

This innovation is offered by all Axalta Refinish brands.


100% Automated Colour Mixing

With our latest innovation in vehicle refinishing, Axalta enables bodyshops to become more profitable by working with the most productive paint process available.

The combination of productive basecoats – offered through our global premium brands Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox – together with a fully cloud-based Digital Colour Management and a new fully automated mixing solution using pre-filled bottles for the Daisy Wheel 3.0 mixing machine redefines what is possible for bodyshops.

This innovation is set to save bodyshops significant time and reduce costs of manpower, helping to achieve better key-to-key times, to limit waste thanks to the exact dosing of Daisy Wheel 3.0, and to improve productivity substantially as refinishers will be working faster and more accurately.

Q-lite - the new powerful daylight lamp

Whether carrying out damage appraisals, comparing the car colour with samples or checking the freshly painted finish for dust inclusions, perfect lighting is critical to get it right.

Our cordless Q-Lite daylight lamp helps refinishing professionals to choose the right colour. The enhanced optical system with 15 high-power LEDs enables bodyshops to set light intensity levels in multiple stages making it conceivable to compare both light and very dark metallic colours accurately. In addition to providing bright daylight, comparable to midday light, the Q-Lite daylight lamp also provides warm evening light.