Oxidized & Vintage metallics

One of the prevailing trends is giving new metal architectural components a weathered, oxidized look. Vintage colours and effects give projects a signature look.

These kind of finishes can be found in the Arty Fusion theme in our ICONICA collection in a SuperDurable quality, Qualicoat Class II and GSB master certified.

ICONICA's Arty Fusion
SuperDurable powder coatings for metal substrates

Citizens of the world today transcend traditional frontiers and seek new vanishing points in design and in life. Braided and woven cladding and textures reflect the craftsmanship aspired to by all cultures. Warm oxidized greens mixed with reds and coppers.

Arty Fusion is one out of 4 themes in ICONICA. Download the brochure to discover the metallic effects of the other themes.

The Star Collection reflects the glamour of special effects and textures for the architectural and decorative sectors.

Like heroes in a blockbuster, this masterpiece Collection represents a range of sophisticated bonded metallic greys as well as designer colours with varied textures and mineral finishes for both outdoor and indoor applications. The Collection is divided into “Modern”, “Vintage” and “Timeless” selections.

Thanks to the excellent performance and weathering resistance of the Alesta® AP architectural polyester quality, the powder coatings in the collection are particularly well suited to either outdoor architectural or indoor decorative applications. The products in the collection are well established in the market and combine superlative aesthetics with outstanding performance. All are available from stock. The Star Collection is GSB and Qualicoat approved.