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Alesta® IP Antigassing Low Bake

Industrial Polyester

Alesta® IP Anti-gassing Low Bake powder coating has superb anti-gassing properties. It has been designed specifically to minimise bubble formation. Conventional application may call for two coats of powder to rectify the outgassing problem, but this can often result in inner-coat adhesion problems and increased time and costs.

Alesta® IP Anti-gassing Low Bake’s lower temperature curing – around 150°C – may result in higher productivity and energy savings. Specific curing schedules improve the humidity resistance of Alesta® IP Anti-gassing Low Bake. This is the product for customers looking for high-quality coating without surface defects, increased productivity, energy savings and all known benefits of a powder coating.


  • Fences, urban furniture, agricultural machinery, steel constructions
  • Galvanised steel, hot dip zinc plated steel or metallised steel
  • Light fittings, garden furniture  



  • Superb antigassing properties
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and humidity
  • Easy application
  • Reduced material consumption
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good UV resistance
  • Excellent flow
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Curing at temperatures as low as 150°C
  • High productivity
  • Cost and energy savings