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Optimum Fine Textured

Axalta’s fine textured finish was the original sandy textured powder coating in architectural quality in the market. The fine textured effect is highly appreciated in the architectural world due to its special and sophisticated look.
With Optimum, we take the original fine textured RAL-based finishes to the next level. Optimum contains all the benefits of a fine textured finish in a SuperDurable quality with optimised technical properties.
The SuperDurable quality ensures enhanced UV fastness whilst Optimum provides optimised penetration and improved transfer effeciency. Resulting into less rejected pieces, increased conveyor speed and reduced consumption.

  • SuperDurable quality
  • Enhanced UV fastness
  • Extra matt finish
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • Outstanding scratch-resistance
  • Optimised transfer efficiency & penetration
  • Freedom to increase conveyor speed
  • Less rejected pieces
  • Reduced consumption
  • Qualicoat Class 2 & GSB Florida 3 (Master) certified
  • 25 year warranty (under conditions)
  • Available from stock

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